To provide a team of staff for a 3–month contract to support the roll–out of ticket vending machines at stations throughout the network. The staff were required to:

  • Maximise usage of the new machines by increasing the opportunity for ticket purchase prior to boarding.
  • Manage the customer experience by helping the travelling public to feel confident and to trust the new machines.
  • Manage peak queues by selectively ‘queue peeling’ customers that could be served by the new machines.
  • Feedback any technical or user problems that might improve the system for the roll–out whilst in progress.
  • Provide basic customer station and route information.
  • Reduce the potential number of complaints.


We successfully encouraged the travelling public, who were initially reluctant to use what appeared to be complicated technology and would therefore favour the ticket office, to use the machines with confidence. We developed a team with extensive knowledge of the new technology who were also fully conversant with station safety and security regulations. As a result of this we were retained by Southeastern for 18 months.

This concept proved to be an ideal way in which to provide front line support, and the team went on to provide the same service for First Capital Connect when they introduced ticket vending machines at the end of 2006.

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